~ So, how you good old boys doing?

~ There’s a problem, Mr. President.

~ Some of you boys did me proud – Har-de-Har.

~ We’d say it’s a big problem.

~ ‘Big’ problem?

~ A hugely problem – Har-de-Har.

~  Now, I’m kinda busy.

~ Taking the silverware?

~ And the china.

~ Well, there’s a start – about China.

~ They started the killer flu.

~ And that’s another thing.

~ Eating bats – do you know they eat bats?

~  You’ve killed 400,000 from the flu.

~  That’s just that Fake News.

~ We’re burying our families. It ain’t fake.

~ Everyone catches the flu.

~ You said you’d do right by us.

~ Blame Biden, he stole the election.

~ Then he didn’t have time to kill Americans.

~ Well  , , , give him time.

~ We gave you time – look where it got us.

~ I’ll be back. 2024! 2024!

~ How often do you think you can fool us?

~  And Ivanka can follow me. 2028!

~ Donald, you’re a dumb prick in a stupid tie.

~ Clean your mouth. I’m the president.

~ Not no more. “No more years!”

~ Dumb pussies – I’ve got a plane to catch.

~ After we get our hat back.