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Dale Estey (as he is known)

An Autumn visit to the past.
An Autumn visit to the past.

I owe my life to Hitler, though I never met the man. My father was paid to stop Hitler, so there is no conflict of interest.

I was given a thunk on the back o’ the head by God when I was fifteen, and within a week began to write. I haven’t stopped. My first novel was accepted ‘over the transom’. My first editor/author luncheon in New York included a naked man with roller skates at the next table.

For the sake of research I have lain on Kafka’s grave, but I did not weep.

I wish upon my own gravestone the phrase: “Thank God He Didn’t Die A Virgin”.

There is truth in every truth – so watch out.

My published novels include the popular fantasy A LOST TALE

and the thriller The Bonner Deception (l’Inganno Bonner) 

I also have two editions of humorous/spiritual short stories The Elephant Talks To God ,

that makes both young and old laugh out loud.

My manuscripts range from tales about unicorns and druids in the ‘Passing Through Trilogy’ to the 9/11 destruction of New York. I fill in the missing diaries of Franz Kafka; recount the first person dementia of a serial killer; and explore the outrageous lifestyle of the famous.

I currently switch my attention between the saga of a family of onion farmers, from Fourth century Italy, and follow the adventures of a NATO Special Ops team (including Louie-the-dog) as they clean up the mess of the globe.

I live in Canada and make Nova Scotia my home.

I prefer to travel by train, but  embrace the computer age. I am still on the hunt for unique onion recipes.


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  1. Hi there Dale,
    Thanks for taking the time to stop by my little corner of the blogosphere and for the follow. Your support is greatly appreciated. Perhaps you might like to join in the fun on my weekly ‘Capturing History Challenge’ the Spooktacular 2015 for Halloween. Looking forward to seeing more from you and your blog,
    Have a great day,


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