~ Kimmy – thanks for having me.
~ I know I extended an invitation, but …
~ And the family.
~ It was just for a visit . . .
~ And my closest sycophants.
~ But that was when you were somebody.
~ We just need a place to stay – for a few years.
~ Melania’s already heading back to Slovenia.
~ Not my darling!
~ She says she has family – real family.
~ Who will iron my shorts?
~ Oh, your job comes with an iron.
~ As door man at our finest hotel.
~ Job!
~ We understand you have hotel experience.
~ I own . . .
~ Owned – all property of our citizens belong to our State.
~ That sounds like Communism.
~ And, as for the kids – they’re leaving with mommy.
~ She’s not their real mummy.
~ Funny – she says you’re not their real daddy.
~ But who’ll be left to listen to my stories?
~ That’s what happens when all your stories are lies.
~ But I’m the most powerful man in the world.
~ Must I be the one to tell you?
~ What?
~ You’ve been fired.

[Image] https://media.pri.org/s3fs-public/styles/story_main/public/images/2018/06/20180612-trump-kim-summit_01.jpg?itok=ex9WKxdR