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April 2021

A Ghost And The Dance Of The Seven Veils

I have often wondered

Well –

Not that often

If the Ghost

In a bed sheet

Has not been misinterpreted

And is, instead,

Wearing seven veils.

And the Ghost


As the Ghost


And continues,

And continues,

Some more,

And eventually


The Dance

Of The Seven Veils.

And eventually

Reveals everything





Spring Risotto  w/ onions & cheese

This Spring Risotto recipe features asparagus, onions, spinach, and Parmesan-Reggiano. Get the recipe at PBS Food.

Source: Spring Risotto

Shakespeare’s Birth And Death Day Is A Couplet

The EARTH For A Day

Let us contemplate

The EARTH we walk upon

For a day,

And a lifetime.

And hope that

That lifetime

Will be ours

And not the EARTH.

For the EARTH

After centuries,

And millennia,

And the speck

From which it sprang,,

Whether through Genesis,

Or the Big BANG,

(Both of which are

eerily similar)


– let’s face it –

Getting pissed off!

From the molten lava

Heaving into the heavens,

To the storms at sea

And one on EARTH.

All giving us

Fair warning


Just who

Is in charge.

And In The Hour Of Our Death ~ Titanic

He was heaving in the wind and rain

Of the sea, around him.


That rattled

Over the wash of the sea

And the rise of the wind,

Frantic voices

Terrified and pleading:

“Save our souls,

“God, in heaven

“Save us.”

Lifeboats were pitching in the waves,

And bodies,

Many of them already face down,

Were kept afloat by their life preservers,

Some corpses

Butted against the sides

Of the lifeboats

That were jumbled together

In the surrounding sea.


The Killer Of George Floyd Is Writing Notes Like A Crazy Man

The EX police officer

Of the law

Is writing furiously

Like a crazy man.

Yellow pads

Are being filled

Page after page,

Minute after minute

Second after second

Witness after witness

Word after crazy word.


What is he writing?

“Thou shall not kill”

100 x times

500 x times

1,000,000 x times,


Is he writing

“It wasn’t 9 minutes

& 29 seconds”.

Or more

or less.

Because he doesn’t quite remember.

Or maybe

He’s trying to come up

With that perfect 1irst line

For all those dates

He’s goint to be

Invited on

In prison.


Lemonbalm Shortbread

Shortbread of any kind . . .  Serve lemon balm shortbread with some fresh lemonbalm tea and you’ve got yourself a decadent little treat for a summertime afternoon.

Source: Lemonbalm Shortbread

A List Of A Day Full Of Countries

Every once in awhile I am taken aback (and sometimes amused) by the particular variety of the countries that have viewed my posts. No rhyme nor reason as far as I can tell. No relations to subject matter, or posting dates, or events in the world. For some reason, folk in these countries wanted to read my words and observations. Gotta say, it makes me feel kinda good.












Jesus Walks At Easter

The Unicorn is mentioned eight times in the Holy Bible. The list is below.

When I have Druids, and their unicorns, go to Jerusalem in my novel A Lost Gospel, to make sure Jesus gets crucified, I feel I am on solid ground. And when one of my druids, Ogma,  has the following experience, I believe it is a symmetry of Biblical proportions.

Unicorns are mentioned in the following places of The Bible:

Numbers 23:22

God brought them out of Egypt; he hath as it were the strength of an unicorn.

Numbers 24:8

Deuteronomy 33:17

Job 39:9-12

Psalm 22:21

Psalm 29:6

Psalm 92:10

Isaiah 34:7


From A Lost Gospel

“Are you lost?”


Ogma was taken by surprise, but he did not turn toward the speaker. He had no desire to start a conversation, he just wanted to be left to himself.

“Yet you are a traveller to these parts.”


Ogma knew only too well the interest local people had for strangers in their midst. It was an interest which could easily turn into suspicion. He was alone, and he did not want to have trouble in this unknown land.

“I had business in Jerusalem.” Ogma shrugged. “The desire came upon me to feel earth under my feet, not paving stones.”

“And you find yourself here.”

“I turned from the main road at a whim.”

“What did you in Jerusalem?”

“I do not intrude thus in your life.”  Ogma kept a steady gaze across the field, though he could not keep irritation from his voice.

“Yet you do intrude – for here you are.”

“If I’m on your land, I apologise. I thought it was a common road. There is no barrier in place to warn me otherwise.”

Ogma wondered if it was time to leave the way he had come, or to stay and talk. Despite the words spoken, the other man’s voice displayed no anger, or annoyance.

“Do you find no peace in Jerusalem?”

“I’ve had a troubled time in your grand city.”

Ogma suddenly realised he had things he wanted to say, which he could not discuss with the other druids. He finally turned to the man, wondering if he should explain further.

“By the Gods of Death!” Ogma stood back in fear. “This is not possible.”

“There are no boundaries to what is possible.”

“I saw them hang you up.”

“You saw flesh. And blood.”

“Then what do I see now?”

“More than a man of sorrows.”

“Glarus was right.” Ogma began to move further away, but stopped himself. “I’m not to fear you, or the change you bring.”

“Truth deserves acceptance, not fear.”

“Do you know of my burden?”

The other man raised his arm and pointed. Ogma turned to follow the outstretched hand. He saw the two unicorns standing close together among the trees.

“Have they brought me here?”

“They have led you to a place you sought yourself.”

“You know of Glarus.” Ogma stopped abruptly, and his voice lowered. “The gods I understand believe in trade. Take me instead of her.”

“You care so much?”

“I know the worth of things.” Ogma stared directly at the other man. “It is better to have her alive, than me.”

“No man knows his own worth.” Yeshua touched the small man, then held him close. “My father’s love does not barter.” He released Ogma with a smile. “Return to Jerusalem. You travel with companions.”

“The beasts accompany me?”

“Thou hast heard me from the horns of the unicorns.”

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