I wrote the following blog three years ago, under the heading: “Trump And Merkel Walk Into A Bar In Hamburg” This just goes to show (kinda) that what goes around comes around.
So – now –  a former American ambassador to Germany said at the recent Republican National Convention that “… he saw President Donald Trump charm German Chancellor Angela Merkel”. When told this, Merkel’s expression indicated otherwise.
~ You are not quite the tuff bad boy I expected, Herr Donald.

~  Maybe not – but your stiff starchiness is evident, Frau Reich Chancellor.

~ One must keep you and the Tzar of all the Russias in their place.

~ Nothing is going to keep Vlad in his corner of his empire.

~ True.

~ Unless . . .

~ Speak it up, Herr Donald.

~ I dunno – you never know who is listening these days.

~ I think we’re safe – the Tzar is on his way home.

~ But “home” is the operative word, Angie.

~ Then you had best whisper into my shell-like ear.

~ All we’d need is a Twitter GIF of that!

~ Not to worry – I’ll just roll my eyes.

~ Well – Frau Angie – why don’t we form an Anchluss?

~ I think you mean an alliance, Herr Donald.

~ I’ll leave the technicalities to you.

~ And we’d already have an alliance, Der Donald, if you behaved yourself.

~ Did you just say “dear”?

~ Not in this lifetime.

~ Just checking, Angie.

~ Nor the one after.

~ The ladies like a bit of power – if you get my drift.

~ Hell would first freeze over.

~ I’m thinking you might accomplish that, Frau Reich Chancellor.

[image] https://news.immitate.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/angela-merkel-looks-confused-after-being-asked-if-trump-charmed-her-business-insider-business-insider.jpg