I have never purchased anything because of Black Friday. I have never stood in line, and never plan to. I look upon Black Friday as consumerism and Capitalism at its worst. It not only gives the avarice of Christmas sales a run for its money, it might even pass on the outside.

But, yesterday … well.

I was giving my computer a checkup by its malware protection. I have the free version because it is, well, “free”, and I was told by my computer expert that it was just fine. I have hummed away with it for a couple of years.

Yesterday, I realized I had not used it for months, and gave it a whirl. I was told that my version was outdated – little surprise. So I went to source to re-install. And there I was seduced.

I was told if I got the ‘paid’ version, it would only cost me $00.07 a day. Seven cents. That, if I might confess, does not seem unreasonable.  But, in addition –  as a Black Friday promotion – I could get six extra months free. One whole half year. If I purchased by Friday (Black).

Regardless of what it says about my morals, I really did not resist very long. I did not hesitate and say “No no no.” I did not have to be wooed with champagne.

I paid.

I am protected.

Oddly, speaking of protection, one of the first actions of my ramped-up defence was to remove six Trojans.