I’m not sure anything of real note is happening in London, but a live feed from 10 Downing St is on Facebook.

I am currently writing a chapter of my new novel, where my characters are at, and in, 10 Downing St.

My characters are having a chat with the Prime Minister.

I hope it’s a good omen – for me.

Now, my novel has not one thing to do with the current turmoil in Great Britain, and the problems which swirl around Boris Johnson. It is set in a different time frame, and certainly a different Prime Minister. Not that there are not problems, but they are not today’s problems.

However, like the Druids who once had such a strong influence over Great Britain, I look askance at coincidence. If publicity about 10 Downing might help my cause, I am all for it. Good-oh! Bring it on!

I’m just sayin’