There was a fire from which , as a baby,, I fled into the night. I was told about this, much much later. The house still stands.

There was a fire and the house burned down in the night. I had moved from the house years before. I watched the fire trucks.

A gang of teen-agers watched my mother undressing through her bedroom window on Halloween. My father went out to confront them, armed with a cane. I accompanied him. They dispersed quickly with a few taunts. The house still stands.

In the boarding house where I lived, a man became more unhinged than usual and smashed and trashed everything in his room. He believed he was on a mission from Jesus, and claimed he had the stigmata to prove it. He did not return. The house has been torn down.

I lived over a laundromat, one floor above the flat of the owner, and her elderly mother. There was an ornate bench in the landing where no one was ever to sit. I was reminded of this weekly. The house is now a parking garage.

There was a midnight fire in the apartment house where i lived. Smoke filled the building and obscured everything.I was a minute away from death when I felt the mailboxes at the bottom of the stairwell. I then knew where I was and made a run straight ahead. I was greeted by flashing lights and firetrucks. The house was restored and still has apartments

I spent the rest of my university life in Residence. Lots of experiences (midnight half-price delivered pizza being a favourite). The building still stands.

I then moved to a house built before the country was formed. Loved the apartment at first sight. Lived there twenty-six years. Huge back yard (the flower gardens won prizes). Mind you, a taxi driver was murdered in that back yard. Cozy, comfy, generally quiet.But standards slipped. A police raid next door to catch a thief (he went to jail for seven years). Another police raid next door to stop a blaring party (that fellow went on to murder a lover, Claimed self-defence although the lover was stabbed a dozen times while asleep). And then smokers the floor below smoked while in bed. My apartment had only smoke damage, but the house was beyond financial repair. It is now gone.