The image in the mirror is my hero.

Who can blame me?

Were it not for his outstanding modesty

which leads the list of attributes,

I would first say it is his erudite demeanour,

and suave sophistication,

which make the most impression.

A stellar raconteur and bon vivant,

he sweeps others in his path,

where they are happy to follow.

Genius is a word too oft tossed about,

but it is a pale word to describe

the breadth,

and depth,

of his knowledge and creativity.

The man in the mirror

pulsates with understanding,

and the ability to make connections

between the most diverse

(and sometimes divergent)

of ideas.

His observations are a breath of fresh air in the firmament.

I have learned so much

from the man in the mirror,

and desire so

to bask in his consummate revelations

of life and art,

that I strive to be in his presence.

My ears ache to hear the pearls of wisdom he is oft to toss.

To be in the same room with him is life itself.

The man in the mirror is indeed a hero to emulate.

How many of us can say that about anyone?