It’s been too long since I was in New York. perhaps I’ll return in style via an overnight train.

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Day Two – Monday

I awoke on Martin Luther King day early once more, still not fully acclimatised to the 5-hour time difference. Today was a special day as not only was it a public holiday in honour of MLK on his birthdate, but it was also to be my first visit to the Statue of Liberty having procured a pedestal ticket for $25 before I left the UK (crown tickets near the top usually sell out at least 3 months in advance).

My first task was to work out my subway route to City Hall, the gateway to Brooklyn Bridge. I failed pretty miserably actually due to still being pretty tired. I descended into the subway to find the ticket machine did not accept cards or bills. An Afro-Caribbean dude waltzed up to me, flashed MTA ID and said he could sell me the day pass I wanted.


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