Well, here’s another city I so much want to re-visit. Not (for me) available by over-night train. I was in Berlin when the Wall was still up – and visited both sides. In fact, Berlin is the major setting of two of my novels and a movie script. I would need much more than a day trip. Great blog, Wilbur’s Travels.

Wilbur's Travels

I decided to suss out a day trip for my birthday. Ideally I wanted to leave from Gatwick, which is less than thirty minutes from my home, and it needed to be possible to fit in a good few hours exploring.

I narrowed the choices quickly down to Toulouse or Berlin, both served by easyJet with two return flights per day apiece. Plumping this time for Berlin on the basis that it is one of the few European capitals that I was yet to explore properly, I have however stored the option of Toulouse for the near future as a short hop.

My early morning flight enabled me to get to Berlin main station (hauptbahnhof) for just after midday, giving me a good seven hours before my return allowing me to pack in as much as possible. I had landed in the fog at grey, drab Schonefeld Airport (happily a…

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