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Wild Beavers Play An Age-Old Game In Nature



I was walking along the river and heard the strangest noise.

It was one of those noises which, when I found out what It was, sounded exactly as it should. A beaver was chewing at a branch on the bank of the river. First there were small rolling noises, as the branch went through its hands. Then the ‘gnaw gnaw gnaw’. And then the turning noise and the cycles were repeated.

This went on fifteen minutes or so, until the beaver and I both heard noises in the water.

We both saw another beaver approaching. The beaver-at-gnaw quickly went in her direction (though I can only guess which sex was which). They swam toward each other then rubbed faces. The approaching beaver made small bawling noises like a young calf. They rubbed bodies and seemed to sniff each other. They then swam in different directions.

This performance – the swimming away, the languid circling, the approaches – went on for twenty minutes. A couple of times the ‘gnawing’ beaver clambered over the over beaver’s back, but this lasted just a few seconds. The beaver that had first approached rubbed noses once again, then made the bawling sounds one more time.

I never appreciated how large beavers are until one of them came up on the bank. The water was clear enough to see their feet and tail move underwater (I wonder if the portion out of the water might have the 1/10 proportion of an iceberg). The sun was setting and they became difficult to see. However they decided to part anyway. One began to go down river toward the harbour and one headed to the other shore. For me an experience of a lifetime.


Alison Alexandra Gets Tugged Into Fashionable Sex



Although a gal has just gotta do what a gal gotta do, it is far far better when she gets to do what she wants to do. And Alison Alexandra has always been that kinda gal, too.

Alison Alexandra is in no way a tease, but the author can have his moments. And the tweets to prove it.


Dale Estey @DaleEstey 1m1 minute ago

Alison Alexandra (once known as Hermione Kafka) finds she is the cause of a dare. Whiskey is involved. #character #story #writing

Dale Estey @DaleEstey 31s31 seconds ago

Alison Alexandra (once known as Hermione Kafka) takes the offered drink of whiskey. It is inferior stock. #character #story #writing #plot

Alison Alexandra (once known as Hermione Kafka) wants to jump out of this party and go to another century. #character #story #writing #plot

Alison Alexandra (once known as Hermione Kafka) drinks the poor whiskey, for she likes who offers it. #writing #plot #character #beginning

Alison Alexandra (once known as Hermione Kafka) would just as soon not have a partner at the party. #writing #plot #character #beginnings

Alison Alexandra (once known as Hermione Kafka) raises a glass of (inferior) whiskey to the sailor with a spyglass.#writing #plot #character
Alison Alexandra (once known as Hermione Kafka) is enticing sailors from their crows’ nest. They have some naughty thoughts. #write #plot
Alison Alexandra (once known as Hermione Kafka) discuss sailors & their spyglass with naughty Amanda. Girls, decorum please! #write #plot
Alison Alexandra (once known as Hermione Kafka) plans an outing to a seedy bar & a roast beef buffet with naughty Amanda.  #character #plot
Alison Alexandra (once known as Hermione Kafka) meets a bartender named Tug. He is full of surprises. #characters #plot
@DaleEstey 1m1 minute ago

Alison Alexandra (once known as Hermione Kafka )finds that the bartender, Tug, is a fair seaman himself. On to the ship!. #characters #plot

Alison Alexandra (one time known as Hermione Kafka)  finds when with a man named Tug, that’s what he does to your clothes. #character #plot




Lock Up Your Sailors – Daughters On The Loose In Town



Sailors from ten or more countries were in Halifax a few years ago, to participate in a fleet review for the Canadian Navy’s 100th Anniversary. HM Queen Elizabeth took the review from a Frigate plying the harbour.

As I walked myself up the hill from the harbor, I fell into step behind a couple. They were in their late teens or early twenties.  As we ascended, a Military bus descended. Because this happened in real-time, I can not be certain of what exactly occurred, though the gist is certainly true.

The young lady shouted something at the bus. It, in truth, did not sound derogatory but, shall we say, encouraging. When the incident was over, I noted she wore a T-shirt which proclaimed, over her ample bosom, NAVY. It is possible this is what she shouted. It is also possible she shouted BABY. There was an “AY” at the end of the word. And – yes – although this is Canada, she did not just shout “EH?”

As the bus passed me, and thus was nearly past the couple, an American sailor in his whites put his head out a window and shouted “I’ll be your Daddy!” The bus was not moving quickly, and the male of the couple in front of me took umbrage. He started toward the bus.

He yelled.


“Excuse me”.

“What did you say?”

The sailor was still looking from the window. There was a lot of laughter from the rest of the bus. The male stepped from the sidewalk and started toward the bus.

The ample female in her NAVY T-shirt grabbed his hand and pulled him back.

I thought this a wise decision.

We all continued on our way.


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