Q; To be or not to be?
A;  Who asketh the query?
Q: Bond – James Bond.
A: Sound and fury, it seems to me.
Q: They say you’re a talker – is that true?
A: More of a thinker.
Q: Then a doer?
A: I put many acts in play.
Q: The power behind the throne?
A: When the throne is rotten.
Q:  So, do you dither?
A:  Whilst thou hither.
Q: What is your wish?
A: To whisper in your ear.
Q To tell me what?
A: Fear not, it won’t be poisonous.
Q:  Will it be a secret?
A:  More likely than not.
Q: In my line of work, secrets are Death.
A:  You deal with Kings and Queens?
Q: I’m on Her Majesty’s Secret Service.
A: A double life is a double sword is a double bind.
Q: How do you know that?
A:  I write plays.
Q And tell the truth?
A: My word is my bond.