Few of the procedures for the MRI were troubling.. I had been told the MRI would take an hour, but I was only in the machine for twenty-five minutes. I guess the rest was the preparation.

I held an IV container in one hand and a panic button in the other. The mattress was really comfortable and the sides were adjusted so I was snug. A broad container containing the ‘film’ was laid on my stomach. I was told (repeatedly) not to open my eyes or wiggle my toes. I had a headset through which I could listen to music or hear verbal instructions. I was offered a number of playlists but took the one recommended – Easy Listening,

I did not find the noise troubling. To me, the sound was more like someone on the outside was throwing rocks at the metal container mixed with rumbles and growls. I know other people find it deafening.

Oh, I also had a prescribed pill (which I requested) for anxiety, which no doubt helped and perhaps kept me drowsy into the day.

But, being literally confined(and with my eyes closed) I found myself actively thinking what to think about., So, I don’t know how spontaneous these two thoughts were.

I started thinking about scenes from one of my NATO espionage novels – the one with Louie the dog. Now, I in no way remembered this verbatim, but the following is a portion of the scene I was remembering.

The Sea King is built for rough weather. It takes some positioning changes but the pilot manages to keep within a constant perimeter. There are also masts and wires and the superstructure itself to avoid. As the BLACK DALE advances through the seas.

A half dozen commandos form a defensive circle under the hovering helicopter. As soon as someone reaches the Sea King, Major LeClerc orders another commando up the ropes. The defensive perimeter is then reduced. There is a compliment of eight NATO personnel, Louie, and the two prisoners beneath the helicopter when CURACA makes his move.

A door at the far end of the Superstructure is blown out. At the same time the door that Bonner bobby trapped is also blown. Though each explosion is barely heard beneath the helicopter, Bonner and LeClerc do hear them. They exchange glances. LeClerc gets half of the commandos still on the deck to aim at the blown door. Bonner, Bess and General Bonner go to their knees, aiming at the doorway they just came through. It is only Louie who starts bounding toward a communications mast in the direction away from the explosions.

“They don’t want to damage the helicopter – they want to escape.” Bonner yells above the noise. “Contain them.

Bess notices Louie. She looks beyond him and sees another door, already open

Booth – to the left!”

CURACA and most of his crew are already out of the Superstructure. They are positioned behind a wall and at the base of the antenna array. They are using only machine guns and are careful about the helicopter.

One of the prisoners starts running toward CURACA while the other prisoner tries to run away. Pickering takes out the fleeing man while no one attempts to shoot the other. He dives and rolls toward the doorway.

“Keep loading the helicopter.” Bonner then yells to the earpiece. “Time check.

“Ten minutes to spare to get far enough away.”

Bonner notes no shooting comes from the exploded doorways. They are diversions. He turns to see Louie making a leap.

LeClerc! Use some RPGs. Hit the wall over their heads.”

Major LeClerc has kept one of the sharpshooters. He points, indicating to keep it high. He is also aware of the dog, who is taking down the shooter closest to them. LeClerc checks the ropes. They are clear. There are six left to go up

The other thought was perhaps more expected. My father told the story of being in a convoy going through Italy after the successful invasion of Sicily in the Second World War. He has at the trigger of a heavy machine gun, in the back of a truck under canvas. He suddenly heard numerous things being thrown at the canvas side of the truck. It kept happening and he thought that the Italians were attacking. He pulled up a side of the canvas, and saw that the folk lining the street were throwing flowers.