There are some things that are just wrong.!

There is no need for any type of debate about them.

There is no ‘on the other hand’ about them.[

There is no ‘two sides to everything’ about them

They are just wrong!

Clear cut forestry is one.

Cutting down old growth trees is another.

Kilometer-scooping fishing nets at sea is another.

The Oil Sands actually create Hell on Earth.

Poisoning the air is another.

Filling the oceans with plastic is another.

And, we’ll just leave alone what human beings do to other human beings

We are vicious and we are suicidel – a bad combunation.

But Biden – Blessed Be! – is stopping the destruction of “Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge”

Which was instigated by he who must no longer be named.

This is a great way to begin June.