(It’s little wonder that the Internet can be thought of as “The Devil’s Tool” So many things are.

So, I was on the cursed Internet and – oh, so innocently – came across a Twitter reference to The Devil’s Oven in connection to my (now distant) home town. I had never heard of the term, nor the place, while living there, so (of course) I went on a virtual search.

Now, some background shall explain my interest. I have written two novels about Satan and – indeed – the Devil has even recently appeared in my current manuscript, just two months ago. A relationship of long standing. Who knew I might have come by it honestly?

The Internet revealed that The Devil’s Oven, not only being a feature of my home town, is actually situated within five kilometres of  the hospital where I was born. I believe the building is now a retirement or nursing home. Perhaps I will return.

The Internet is so accommodating that I even found a YouTube video posted but a week ago of folk driving to the site, and then walking to it from the parking area. I’m sure the video was edited, but they had to drive right past that hospital.

The Devil’s Oven gets its fame (though, I assume, not any infamy) as a destination on a hiking trail. A comfortable trail apparently, in both degree of difficulty and distance. In fact, every of the twenty or so sites I came across all dealt with hiking. None of these sites were more than ten years old.

The interest in The Devil’s Oven is the result of a winter phenomenon. It is a large cave (might it look like an oven) subject to streams of water falling over the entrance. In winter, these streams all freeze into long and thick icicles Some of them seem to be as thick as a person. And there appears to be an array of different colours to the icicles. It is an impressive sight.

So, a cold place for Old Nick does seem fitting.The Devil being the opposite of what the Devil is supposed to be. That pretty well sums up the Devil.