Well, I found I was one with thousands of my fellow NCIS viewers at the end of this season, when the total surprise in the last minute of the show unfolded. My jaw did indeed fall open and I did indeed literally say “Wow – no way!” and I then added the yell “Ziva!”

I gotta say, I’m actually pleased that I did not see this coming.

I’m glad my entertainment, just ending its 16th season, can still be of such a high calibre that it can figuratively ‘knock my socks off’. And it did so after an episode that was already suitably bizarre, in both plot and characterisation. This show ain’t rolling over for no one.

And I was also pleased to find that this final scene was shot in secrecy, after the midnight hour, with a skeleton crew, and the actors arriving at the sound stage by a back door.

So, I wasn’t the only one surprised..

I realise this was the end of a season (a very satisfying end), and not the end of the series, but I do pause to juxtapose this event with the immensely publicised ending of Game Of Thrones. I have watched little of Game Of Thrones, though I certainly praise the production quality and the character development. But, even though I have nudged fantasy with a stick in my own writing (yes, I even had a dragon) I am not a fantasy fan. So I can not tell if its series ender was true to the created world or not. But it sounds as if millions of fans thought it was not.

Yes, NCIS is television of a different ilk, but it still manages to keep its followers where they should be – on the edge of their seats.