The difficult art of kissing on stage.
I do like #4.

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11A0F936-DB05-486A-8552-5CAC21710CF3 2 ©️Marty Sohl Metropolitan Opera with Patricia Racette, Pagliacci

I‘ve performed the role of Don Giovanni more times than I can count. As the Don, I’m expected to become him—no matter how much I may agree or disagree with his character traits. That includes kissing multiple women, touching them, carrying them, and even the occasional spanking.

As obscene as this behavior may be, it’s part of the story and the art form. The story of the Don is a timeless one, no matter how depraved or immoral one may find his actions to be. And yes, there is a way to portray the character accurately while respecting the professionals around me as individuals.

I realize that some young professionals may not know how to properly deal with romantic acting and especially in light of the current times we live in, this is a very important conversation for any young…

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