In the old days there used to be literary constructions classed as Found Poems. More or less, they were some news story that could be put into a poetic form without changing the words. The text was unaltered. One could attain a pithy or amusing or evocative observation by doing this.

This art form came to mind by the following, lifted verbatim from my News Feed.

Is this the world writ small – or large?




I wish I was taller so I could eat more before feeling full.


 Does anyone know a farewell house cleansing Rite I can do to say farewell to my pet? Thanks.



When is the Mason’s yard sale this year?


Where do I get a new or used long tall step through bike for a long tall woman?


A “way” is a path or a road to be followed.
A “way” is not a set of beliefs.

Marcus Borg

sorry…I disagree


We need about 20 folding chairs for the RVWS event on Friday night downtown.