It is a whirlwind in here



Today There Were Birds In The Air and Birds On The Trees and Birds On The Ground

There were crows in The Crow Tree.

What used to be a regular occurrence is now rare. They were in a right tizzy.

And more spooky than ever, sitting in a ragged line right at the top, above the leaves.

They all – I swear – seemed to be looking to the East.

And later, there were nine pigeons walking up the street en masse, seemingly intent on some destination.

I’d get out of their way if I was out there.

As I watched, a pickup truck came up the hill and did seem to gun its engine as it approached the pigeons

It did pass by without incident, and the pigeons regrouped and continued on their way.

And, at dusk, there were blue jays on my fir tree outside my window.

I heard them (as one can always do with blue jays) but I only saw the one.

They were causing a right ruckus – far more vocal than the earlier crows.

Perhaps this was not Alfred Lord Tennyson’s Nature red in tooth and claw, but – I gotta tell ya – there were a lot of claws.

Happy Earth Day


Happy Earth Day!
(If I may intrude
With the slightest touch
Of a cat’s paw)


The Earth is NOT happy.
The earth has not been happy
Oh, let’s say,
Two hundred (200) years,
Give or take..
Two hundred years ago
(Give or take)
Is when Humans started
Fucking up the place
Big Time
(No cat’s paw here)
And all this is known,
And all this is getting worse.
(Everybody knows)
(That’s how it goes)
Leonard Cohen knew.
Though there might be
(Right now)
Just the slightest
On the face
Of the Earth.
For the air is getting better.
The water is getting clearer.
And animals
(Yes, Homo sapiens sapiens included)
Breathe a little easier.
Do we thank
The killer virus
For shutting down
The killer economy?
Will we,
In celebration,
Have a killer flight
On a killer air plane?
Take a killer cruise
On a killer
Cruise ship?
That cat’s paw
Has claws.

Don’t Get Too Personal With The Madman In The Bakery



“Out, out – out of my way!

“Don’t touch me at all, but do as I say.

“A brush on the arm can cause me harm, when it’s the Brush of Death I’m awaiting.

“Don’t breathe.

“Don’t dare breathe near me.

“Your air – from inside you – coming out at me. How very, very horrible.

“It now has pieces of you, and it will corrupt.

“No, don’t listen to me.

“Stop up your ears and turn away.

“They’re my words and my thought – not to be sold and not to be bought. Out of my mouth from between my teeth.

“Don’t you know how personal that is?

“Allow me, allow me.

“I’ll open the door.

“I’ll let you enter.

“Demand what you want – don’t be afraid to ask. Make them fill your request. I come here for bread, and I come here for cake. You can trust me. Would I lie? They don’t mind me, they’re used to my song. It’s entertainment, you see, and it’s free.

“Chew them up, enjoy them – those muffins look good. I’m  a madman in a bakery, and I know how to eat.”



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