In my novel, Fame’s Victim, my central character, ST (so famous he is known just by initials) has, on a number of occasions, done service for Queen Elizabeth II. They form a certain bond. The following is one of their interactions.


ST has the momentary feeling that he has been forgotten. The smooth running of the institution of monarchy must continue around the family involved. He imagines no one would be more pleased than the Queen Mother herself. The clasped hands of the Queen relax and she lets them fall to her side. She leans slightly forward as if something in the distance has caught her attention. She then pivots toward the two men.

     “It is expected of me to advise and caution my government.” She looks up at ST. “It is my duty so to do, and my prerogative.”

     “Ma’am?” ST is taken aback.

     “My advice is filtered through my government, and on to my people.”

     “Yes, Ma’am.”

     “As are my cautions.”


     “There are no grey middlemen at the moment, so I will speak for myself.”

     “That will be appreciated, Ma’am.”

     “You are remaining too reclusive, if Google searches for you are accurate.” She oddly mimics fingers on a keyboard. “I understand the temptations of your North Sea retreat, but they can do you no good.”


     “You once advised me to rein in my family. The results still prove positive.” The Queen puts a hand on ST’s shoulder. “It is not, however, a balance to go too far in that direction. Do not turn a refuge into a prison.”

     The Queen smiles at him, and her touch on his shoulder becomes a brief pat. She then looks directly at Howard as she steps away from the window.

     “It’s time to move on.”

     “Yes, Ma’am.” Howard starts toward the door.

     “Thank you.” ST is surprised by her comments and his voice is low.

     “Reciprocation.” The Queen is walking quickly across the room. “Howard will facilitate your departure.”

     As she goes through the door Howard has opened, ST takes a last look out the windows. As he turns and starts toward the door he shakes his head.

     “Howard. Was I just rebuked?”

     “No, Sir.” Howard follows him into the corridor and closes the door. “You were given advice by a friend.”

~ Dale Estey