I posted a tweet – a response, actually – to a tweet that showed a fellow standing off to one side as a tornado filled most of the video. I made the comment that it looked as if he was standing in front of a ‘blue screen’.
It *still* looks as if the fellow is standing in front of a ‘blue screen’, and, fifteen hours later, there has been no verification of the video except the video itself.
However, from that point yesterday, and continuing still, I have been caught in a trail of annoyed, argumentative and sometimes mean tweets about this one post. Many, many, many say that the tornado really happened. I have no doubt of that. Other tweets condemn folk (myself included, of course) of not being meteorologists and thus having no right to state an opinion or – more aggressively – me having the effrontery to make an opinion. Remember, as of yet, I have seen no proof of verification of the tornado video.
But then comes the offshoots, the aside,s and the outright digressions. From nothing stated in the tweets themselves, but (apparently) by folk looking up the particular Twitter account of the person making the comment, a flood of anti-Trump comments were spewed. Some tweets took Muslims to task.The “Mexican wall” was mentioned. One tweet stated: “Dude.they stay on the kind side of the radar.” No, I don’t know what that means. Another tweeted: ” Grow up . It is def real and major damage. Get a life superstar”

There were assorted GIFs, and emoji, and even video showing tornadoes. But nothing to verify the original video (which I concede might be true, but does not look it).
So – so far – there are around 40 folk who agree with my observation, and 15 who (more or less) class me as a bobby..
Whirl, you wild winds, whirl.