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A Door To Open / A Guest To Greet



The first claw was so faint upon the door he barely raised an eye from the page. It could have been the wind – it sounded almost like the wind. Wind at other time,s and in other places, might blow such a sound – but not this night. As his thoughts returned to what lay before him, the tiny scrabble, hesitant at floor level, moved slightly to the right, aligning itself more closely to the doorknob.


The noise skittered up the wood, almost a metallic sound. His head swivelled toward the door.  The first thought he had was for the paint. Then he could sense, by the sound alone, the movement was groping in the dark, that it was unsure of where it was. He closed the book on his lap, still keeping his place with a finger. His eyes remained fixed on the door. He thought he saw the light of his lamp glint off something through the keyhole.


The doorknob twitched, a slight movement counterclockwise.  Then a brief turn clockwise. He let the book slide down the side of his chair as he put his hand into a pocket. He felt the key between his fingers. He held it tightly. There was more fumbling with the knob, muffled sounds as if a grip was hard to get. The knob turned once more, and then the pressure on the outside was released. He could hear shuffling against the wood. Then he saw, through the keyhole, light reflecting off a muddy iris.


He stared back through the keyhole, only to see the eye blink and move slowly away. He started to rise from his chair, but was stopped by a thump near the floor, as if a clumsy foot had bumped the wood by mistake. He realised that all the sounds he heard seemed fuddled and uncoordinated. The doorknob was once again twisted, but the motion seemed to lack an ability to grasp. He was wondering whether to turn out the lamp, when a hesitant, hollow knock came upon the door.



List Of Countries And Their Colourful Flags That Have Visited Me Today

I am a geographical slut – I may as well confess it right up front.  I have been since I was a virginal youth who was excited by geography. Just say Mesopotamia, Mississippi or Morocco to me and I would swoon. Dead away. And many an other sultry country – some of which no longer exist.

The same effect occurred over their flags. All those different colours and images. Even some different shapes. In fact, in my own country of Canada, the flag has changed in my lifetime. Swoon again.
So, I am as chipper as a purple banner, and happy as a fringe-lined standard, that my WordPress page shows the places from which come visitors, and images of their countries flags.
My heart flutters in the breeze.


  • ViewsCountry
  • 11United States
  • 5Canada
  • 2Australia
  • 2Macedonia
  • 2Japan
  • 1Belgium
  • 1United Kingdom
  • 1Netherlands
  • 1Slovenia
  • 1Philippines

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