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Today There Were Birds In The Air and Birds On The Trees and Birds On The Ground

There were crows in The Crow Tree.

What used to be a regular occurrence is now rare. They were in a right tizzy.

And more spooky than ever, sitting in a ragged line right at the top, above the leaves.

They all – I swear – seemed to be looking to the East.

And later, there were nine pigeons walking up the street en masse, seemingly intent on some destination.

I’d get out of their way if I was out there.

As I watched, a pickup truck came up the hill and did seem to gun its engine as it approached the pigeons

It did pass by without incident, and the pigeons regrouped and continued on their way.

And, at dusk, there were blue jays on my fir tree outside my window.

I heard them (as one can always do with blue jays) but I only saw the one.

They were causing a right ruckus – far more vocal than the earlier crows.

Perhaps this was not Alfred Lord Tennyson’s Nature red in tooth and claw, but – I gotta tell ya – there were a lot of claws.

Music From The Wind / Dancing From The Leaves / And One Crazy Kitten

You can’t take a step,

Man nor beast,

Without a leaf

Hitting you in the face.

Such blow the

Autumn Winds,

In from the sea,

Scurrying across

Partridge Island,

And swirling ’round

The Lighthouse.

Paw the kitten

(Already spooky himself

All black

With one white mitten),

And already spooked

(It seems to me}

By an approaching



And twists

And turns

In the air,

All paws off the ground

When leaves hit

Or nearly miss.

Paw the cat

Will sleep well


I’m The Lighthouse Poet Laureate of Partridge Island /1821 – 2021 / A lot of stuff have I seen / A lot of stuff to report}

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