It is a whirlwind in here



This is A Test – Isn’t it?


It is a test for me, to see if I can return to the previous method of presenting a blog.

I doubt I am a true Luddite, as – well – I am on a computer and plan to offer my words to the world. Not that every writing Luddite didn’t try to present their words to the world, they just did not have the intention of immediate success. Nor possess an expectation that they could do so within ten minutes. It is very possible they did not even dream of such things.

But – perhaps – I can return to the method that has served me so well, and continue along my merry Luddite-but-not-so-Luddite way.

‘Tis a consummation/Devoutly to be wish‘d.



List Of Countries And Their Colourful Flags That Have Visited Me Today

I am a geographical slut – I may as well confess it right up front.  I have been since I was a virginal youth who was excited by geography. Just say Mesopotamia, Mississippi or Morocco to me and I would swoon. Dead away. And many an other sultry country – some of which no longer exist.

The same effect occurred over their flags. All those different colours and images. Even some different shapes. In fact, in my own country of Canada, the flag has changed in my lifetime. Swoon again.
So, I am as chipper as a purple banner, and happy as a fringe-lined standard, that my WordPress page shows the places from which come visitors, and images of their countries flags.
My heart flutters in the breeze.


  • ViewsCountry
  • 11United States
  • 5Canada
  • 2Australia
  • 2Macedonia
  • 2Japan
  • 1Belgium
  • 1United Kingdom
  • 1Netherlands
  • 1Slovenia
  • 1Philippines

The Choices Of The World


This is almost like a found poem, or, at least, it is what it puts me in mind of.

Out of the blue, with no rhyme nor reason I can find, this is a snapshot of the places of the world that so far found their way to my site today. And the blogs they read. An odd combination, it seems to me, but what do I compare it to?

Since I do want to make some sort of imprint on the world – and get the exposure to my comments and ideas – I’d say this is a broad example.




  • Views by Country
  • 1Canada
  • 1Palestinian Territories
  • 1Netherlands
  • 1United States

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