My day (perhaps the week – and I do realize it is only Tuesday) has made me think of this, so I will re-post for the delectation of others who are having ‘my’ day.

  My little Chick-a-dee

    So it has come to this.

    A mindless voice with mindless tune

    Singing softly in the dark.

    My friend, I promise 

    On such a night

    Even the sages are locked

    Babbling in their rooms.

    On such a night

     The pineapple juice

     Turns into

     Pineapple juice.

    You think me mad?

     Well, my boyze. 

     I had a hen who

     Could lay a Golden Calf.

    And this weird guy

   – Mozaz was his name –

     Yass, this Mozaz     

     Threw these stone tablets

    – Threw, I say –

      These stone tablets on my hen,

      And killed her.

      Feathers everywhere.

      And I asked him

      – I said to him – 

      “Mozaz, why did you flatten my hen

      And make the feathers


     And he said to me 

     (can you believe this)

     He said to me: `

    “W. C.

    “I was damn hungry.”.

     And then I knew,

     My little chick-a- dee,

     My little bottom-soft dumpling,

     I knew from that moment

     The man was not sincere.