So . . .

It happened like this.

First, my brother

(The one on the Island),

Has a friend who

Saw a Heron.

(I suppose a ‘Great Blue”

But I don’t know).

And then his wife

(That’d be my sister-in-law)

Is clearing away the

Grass & twigs

From the crocus

To help them grow

(You know – get the sun).

And on the big Fir

(Right out my window)

I’ve had:

Five blue jays

(All at once – usually

I rarely see them in more

Than two together)

A crow


(Chick-a-dee-dee- deeing to beat

The band)

Two mourning doves

Billing and cooing

(Boy, were they ever billing

Never saw the sight before)

And a robin red breast

Looking right at me

As if I might have

A handful of worms

(Which – sadly – I didn’t)

‘Cause I would have given that bird

All I had.