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August 2018

The eight best portrayals of The Queen in TV and film — Royal Central

I hope that Her Majesty was both entertained and … er … amused.

The Queen has been portrayed in TV shows and films over the years by an array of actresses. Whether they have played her on the small screen, in blockbuster films or voiced animated versions of her, there have been some iconic portrayals. Phoebe Barton takes a look back at some of the most well-known, unforgettable and…

via The eight best portrayals of The Queen in TV and film — Royal Central

How Did Shakespeare Spell His Name?

Brush up on your, er, ummm

Shakespeare as known only to Shakespeare.

Who Wrote Shakespeare?

Shakespeare’s signature appears on only 6 documents, and he spelled his name differently on each one. Not once did he spell it “Shakespeare”:
shakespeare_signatures_labelled1Willm Shackper
William Shakspear
Wm Shakspea
William Shackspere
Wllm. Shakspere
(by me William) Shakspear.
And there are no “Shakespearean” scripts in his handwriting.

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